Clan Kincaid

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Greetings and Welcome

to the Official Website of the Clan Kincaid Association International.

The surname Kincaid originated from the lands of that name in Stirlingshire, Scotland and it is conjectured that the Kincaids were descendants of the Earl of Lennox who owned those lands in the 12th century (see "History" link on this website).

Kincaids are proud of their Scottish heritage and their affiliation with Clan Kincaid. Today Clan members reside worldwide i.e., Europe, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, North America. The Kincaid culture and influence has spread far and wide. They have for example: Kincaid towns, furniture, clocks, schools, restaurants, and even a Logging Company. Did you know that in addition to many writers, artists and statesmen, in the 1920's a fire truck was built by a Kincaid in Lima, Ohio? Bradley Kincaid sang at the Grand Ole Opry. Admiral Thomas Kinkaid, US Navy WWII had a Naval Destroyer named in his honor, Samuel (Kink) Kinkead was a South African WW1 fighter ace, Captain Sir John Kincaid of the Rifle Brigade fought throughout the Peninsula War and Waterloo, Thomas Kincaid in Scotland was the author of the first known directions on how to play golf, Leslie Kincaid was President of the American Hotels Corporation, Thomas Kinkade the American "painter of light", and our own Clan member artist/illustrator Eric Kincaid. The list goes on and on.

The website is here for you. This exceptional website has been designed by Grant and Marion Kinkead to help us all further understand our clan and proudly identify as a Scot and as a Kincaid by whatever spelling we use. There are members with various spellings of Kincaid and various surnames, but all are Kincaids and have the same heritage even if a distant relative was a Kincaid. You can also be a member of Clan Kincaid by allegiance and loyalty. We welcome all of you to join us.

You are encouraged to attend Scottish games, festivals, tours, reunions, and introduce yourself to your extended family. Many in our Clan enjoy learning more about their ancestry. It can be an informative journey to find the many links in your family's history, which takes you down the Kincaid path.

Enjoy your website. Being a Kincaid and a Scot makes you very special.

David R. Kincaid