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The Kincaid surname finds its origins in the lands of Kincaid in Campsie, Stirlingshire, Scotland.

The place name is believed to have Gaelic roots. One possibility is "ceann caidhe," meaning "at the head of the quagmire," or "ceann cadha," meaning "at the head of the pass." Another interpretation suggests "ceann cath," signifying "the head of the battle."

However, some experts now propose that the place-name might not be Gaelic in origin. The name was first recorded in Latin characters in 1238/9 as Kyncaith. They suggest that it may be of Brythonic origin, but its true meaning remains lost to time. Supporting this theory is the fact that the neighboring town of Kirkintilloch was originally Brythonic, known as "Caerpentaloch," meaning "the fort at the end of the ridge." Kincaid might have once started with "Pen" before being replaced with the Gaelic "Cinn," possibly originating as neo-Brythonic "Pen ced."

Over time, the spelling of our family name has evolved, resulting in well over 50 variations today!

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